So in this blog I aim to document the beginnings and growth in my Orc army primarily for use in Kings of War. A relative new comer to both Mantic Games and Fantasy Wargaming in general this is new ground for me. I traditionally gravitate towards Sci-Fi, having both Space Marine and Tau armies in 'the other Company's sci-fi system'. Orcs are 'different' to both of those factions in a lot of ways so it should be interesting. Lots of dirty metallic armour/chainmail, green skin and leathers, instead of high tech armour and pale blue/human skin tones. In this respect these are going to fit the 'classical' stereotype of fantasy Orcs. I don't want to be too adventurous, as a new game system, new genre, new style and an original skin colour would be too much I think.

I have a selection of Mantic Orc unit boxes and a couple of characters, namely a Flagger on foot and an Avatars of War Orc boss with which I am buiding my core army. In terms of the rank and file there are 35 Axes, 10 Greataxes and 10 Gore Riders. I also will use some Hobgoblin wolf riders I have from back in the day. These guys will be temporary Gore mounted Krudger and Flagger. I have also an old Skaven Rat Ogre which will stand in for a Troll till more suitable miniatures can be sourced. Does any one out there have suggestions for Troll models? Clearly there are WFB Trolls but alternatives are always welcome. The Rat Ogre will eventually be used in a putative Veer-Myn army I have ideas for...

I have a dream that one day GW will crack out the moulds for their Chaos Dwarf era Hobgoblins and do a limited edition run as I bloody love those minis. I would happily have a full army of them, they have so much character. A Kickstarter would be an excellent way to do it with minimal risk. Or Mantic could fill that gap as they did with Squats/Forge Fathers. They go for silly prices on eBay so unless I get that job in Corporate Finance I interviewed for last week it seems unlikely this dream will be fulfilled.

Any way back to the Horde, the Orc Boss is a stunning sculpt, I am so impressed. It's an absolute monster. It is now known in the army as 'THE BEAST'. Any Orc army for any system would benefit from one. The Flagger is a pretty awesome model too, and it vaguely matches 'THE BEAST', with its fur cloak. This duo are foot sloggers, so in the future at some point I will get Gore mounted Krudger and Flaggers to round out the choices in list creation. The Hobgoblins don't have quite the right feel to be a Krudger, at least lonng term.

As you can see I have started on the Green Horde. 15 Axes are assembled, some undercoated, along with the Flagger and 'THE BEAST'. I also have started on the Greataxes too, but these are fiddly little sods, in comparison with the regular Axes. Still the Horde is on it's way to being battle ready, finally having some hobby time is great. I have moved house and still things need doing, and a family member passed away so I have been a bit distant from the hobby.

I am holding back on the Gore Riders, as I often save the best till last. I can't wait to get some of these Boar riding maniacs out and charging around the tabletop so I want to get my skills a bit more practiced before I crack them out. The minis look great in the bag, and their stats seem good and my limited experience with them seem to indicate and immensely useful unit.

I have a basic army list* worked out for the horde as is. This list has 3 infantry units as a core, one big cavalry unit to deal out damage while the Krudger and Troll act as support for the units. The Flagger will stay in range of Axes to maintain discipline and keep them steady.

*I think the link works, should link to Google Docs.
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