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DreadBall Team Roster Number

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  • DreadBall Team Roster Number

    How do the rosters work? I know that each player on your team has a number... how do you keep track of them during the game? Use the number decal stickers? Paint the numbers on the models?

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    Yeah...waterslide decals on the mini, or paint the number on the minis.

    14 max per team (which explains the numbers given out in the Jack and striker sets)


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      You could also number the bases
      KoW - Orcs
      Warpath - Marauders
      Dreadball - in the planning: Marauders and Z'zor or Teratons

      Other games: Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity, Flames of War


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        Does anyone know where we can get waterside-decals of numbers that fit the figs?
        Or do I have to make them on my own?
        Where do I find good quality-Decal-sheets to print numbers on (Laser-Printer)? Has somebody done this before?

        I'm also thinking aboiut alternative-Numbers: e.g.: roman, you know. I,II,III,IV etc, or Mayan (- =5, .=1) Color dots (red=10, blue=5 , green=1 etc), because I think it will be easier to paint on the figs and i may fit the Sci-Fi theme more: who on earth thinks that the Sqiuds have the same numbers the human have?

        How du you guys put he numbers on the figs if not with decals: brush? waterproof pen?


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          who on earth thinks that the Sqiuds have the same numbers the human have
          Ahh they might not have but I suspect that the govening body for dreadball (Digby IIRC) will most likely force any participating teams to adhear to the DB rules and regs on team atire !

          I also suspect that once the Db decale s are in the mantic warhouse that you will be able to buy them seperatly, and i would be very supprised if you didnt get a set in each team box once they are on general sale.

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            I haven't decided whether or not I'm going to number the models themselves but I will number the bases with the same number as the roster. But either way, the numbers on the minis wont line up with the roster numbers (MVPs especially). Then I'll just magnetise the hex bases and use those for the numbers for randomisation and so on.